Earlier this week I posted on Knowledge vs. Intellect. I loved the comments, PMs and dialogue that followed… thank you! It all sparked this new thought: if we’re differentiate knowledge vs. intellect, how might we define wisdom?

Let’s start with Intellect. Here’s one definition: “the ability to synthesize and leverage knowledge in order to draw conclusions and solve problems.”

Now, Wisdom. Intuitively, we get the concept. But how to define it? Here’s my definition: “Integrates knowledge, intellect, and experience to exercise humility, discipline and discernment, in order to pass sound judgment, teach and encourage.”

If intellect is about the mind, wisdom feels like it’s also about the heart and soul. If intellect is measured by what’s inside (IQ), wisdom is measured by its impact to those around us (WQ?) Yes, I think WQ might be a thing.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on wisdom. Who do you consider wise and why? How would you define wisdom? How would you measure WQ? #wisdom