Will inspired me to write the book, The Spare Room. While providing this enormous affirmation, he also changed the way I saw myself as a leader.

We recently reminisced about that life-changing conversation on Will’s podcast, Elevation Barn.

The life-changing conversation

You see, years ago when Will heard about our spare room kids, he encouraged me to talk about my kids more openly on the workplace, to integrate what I do in my personal life with my work life. Will still remembers my response: “I don’t know… people know me as a business person. The spare room is more what we do personally, on the side.

Will responded (and I do remember this moment back in 2015): “Are you kidding me? This is what a leader of the future thinks and does and impacts the world with!

Something clicked when Will said that. He was absolutely right. A leader should bring their true self to work. Certainly, this requires a degree of vulnerability and openness. But it also opens a different level of relatability, which is so important to building meaningful relationships at work!

Listen here for the full Elevation barn podcast.

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