We’ve all heard it: people don’t leave the company, they leave their bosses. Or sometimes, it’s their peers. Regardless of who, the good ones leave because of the people around them.

Why the good ones leave - not sure if I hate my job or just my coworkers meme

The good ones leave because they know their worth.

So, if they’re made to feel unworthy, time and again, they’re gone. If they feel a lack of trust or respect, they move on. Perhaps they’re quiet, dedicated achievers, and therefore, feeling under-appreciated or overlooked. Guess what? They’re going to drop the mic.

Here’s the worst part: once the good ones make a decision, there’s rarely any going back. Because they’re the ones who have options.

So, let’s invest in every one of our people and especially in the high performers who want to be committed to our company. We spend so much time and money searching for, and onboarding the best people!

Our people must feel we have their back.

What can leaders do to avoid regretted turnover?

  1. Set clear expectations. Take the time to write out and go through a work plan with tangible KPIs.
  2. Demonstrate authentic care. Get to know your people because personal engagement goes a long way.
  3. Apologize when it’s needed and express gratitude when it’s not.
  4. Ask what can be improved and demonstrate a willingness to take action.
  5. Provide real time feedback and thoughtful coaching.

Don’t let that mic drop.

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