In our sixth #taxichat, Laini asked us, “Which Spare Room kid impacted us the most?” Assuming we would all have the same answer, I suggested we answer on the count of three!

Each of us had a different reason for the answer, but we all wholeheartedly responded, “Teo!” Partly because our little guy lived with us the longest of all the kids. And partly because he’s still a part of our family, and has wonderfully brought the McClures into that joyful bundle, too.

We’ve had quality time as an extended family each year since we’ve transitioned Teo to their home, but it’s now been a full year since we’ve last been together. They came and stayed with us in Seattle last Christmas, and what a delightful two weeks we enjoyed together! Then, when our dear friends, the Sandovals, invited us over for a holiday dinner, they generously included the whole McChang family, as we like to call ourselves.

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | with Teo and his new family | McChangs
The McChangs cluster in front of the Sandoval’s beautiful tree

BTW, Edgar Sandoval is CEO of World Vision – they do amazing work for vulnerable children and families all over the world. His son is an amazing musician – you can follow him here or listen here. And Edgar Jr’s wife, Emilee Flood, is killing it, too! Check out her latest collab with Ludicris, Beautiful Boy. Man, we have some talented friends 🙂

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