One of my most inspiring bosses, Austin Lally, once asked me this question. He believed that everyone has a unique contribution, a teachable idea that’s worth sharing.

Over time, I’ve honed a few teachable ideas. In the process, I’ve found they require courage of conviction. We have to feel so strongly about them, that we’re willing to be vulnerable and stand in front of others, sharing in the belief that they will be received as some combination of useful, mind-opening, or inspiring.

Some of my teachable ideas have been:

Last year I shared about the Power of Paradox with Creative Leadership New Zealand, about unlocking the power of AND.

At a number of venues, I’ve shared about doing what we were made to do, about leading with purpose and intention.

And, of course, I did that first TEDx talk on The Spare Room. Over time, the ideas of leading with purpose in the workplace, and developing our Social Legacy as individuals, have merged.

Today, my teachable idea is:

By defining our own Social Legacy, we can begin leading a more intentional life, which has direct impact to our effectiveness as leaders in the workplace.

In today‚Äôs business world, social purpose has become a leadership imperative. So, to be successful, each of us must lead with authenticity and purpose. A Social Legacy is one way we can fuel intentionality, which enables us to stand for something uniquely personal and meaningful. 

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