I don’t post often or specifically about my faith, because it’s can be such a divisive topic and I’d rather lean into love. That said, I was recently invited to the Jesus Calling podcast, and wanted to capture a few reflections here. Starting with the basic question, “What is faith?”

To me, faith is taking a step without exactly knowing the outcome

…but having absolute conviction that God is at work, and you get to be a part of what He is doing. After all, if we knew something with 100% certainty, we wouldn’t need to proceed with any faith at all. In fact, with this lens, we exercise faith on a day-by-day, even minute-by-minute basis. Think about it:

  • Walking is essentially controlled falling. Leaning into each step, you have faith that your muscles will catch you.
  • Driving your car requires enormous faith. You trust the engineers that designed and operate the traffic lights, and you conduct yourself as though those around you are all alert, sensible and responsible humans.
  • Eating out requires almost foolhardy faith. You believe that myriad people involved in the supply chain of what you’re consuming have done their jobs with integrity, attentiveness, and good hygiene.

My goal isn’t to scare you away from daily activities! 😅 Rather, I’d love for us to realize that in the course of a typical day, we are already practicing tremendous faith.

What is faith | Lobster Nebula | Hebrews 11:1

Intrigued? Here’s how to get started.

Just like I laid out in Chapter four of The Spare Room book, you simply have to take a first small step. You may not know what you believe. But you can make one small habit change. Because small and regular habits become a lifestyle… then our lifestyle strengthens our beliefs… and that combination of what we believe and how we live ultimately shapes who we are. Some ideas:

  • Start each morning with five minutes of meditation. Instead of rushing into the day, pause and reflect on your intention for this day. What will you try to accomplish? What negative thoughts or behavior will you wrestle with?
  • End each evening with three minutes of gratitude. Instead of passively consuming digital content, stop the scroll. What one thing happened today, which brought a smile to your face? Or did you bring a smile to someone else’s face?
  • Begin your learning journey today. Does any one spiritual practice or religion pique your interest? Download some books or set up coffee with some people who are into it, and start collecting information.

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Photo credits: the Lobster Nebula, faith tile