Two years ago, I took on a 30-day challenge. And since then, I’ve come to love yoga and today, embed it my regular wellness practice. Here are some things I learned from yoga:

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | Yoga Crow
  1. I can do hard things. This pose does not look like something normal people can do. It defies gravity. Yet, eventually with practice and commitment, I was finally able to pop into crow pose while on our #mobilebiosphere trip!) Now, I can hold it for three, full breaths when Erin Sampson says to.
  2. I benefit from being still. I used to get annoyed at the beginning of a practice when we sat with eyes closed and breathed deeply. My inner voice would protest with juvenile defiance, “I know how to breathe… let’s get on with it already!” But over time, I realized that there is a benefit to being still. And that I am far too infrequently still. As my friend Stacy reminds me, being still feeds my soul.
Emily Chang | The Spare Room | Stacy Katz

3. It’s good to keep the muscles guessing. Instead of straining the joints with HIT and other strenuous activities day after day, varying the pace and scope of my workout made my exercise my effective.

This is entirely applicable in the workplace, too.

  1. We can do hard things.
  2. We benefit from being still.
  3. And we become more effective when we flex our pace.