What an adventure! To travel from U.S. to China in the midst of a pandemic, travel bans and trade war. Our family feels that this next chapter was truly meant to be, that we were able to make it here! Now here’s my first post from Shanghai!

After a few final excellent meals, we packed for the trip that started 6AM Sunday in California and ended 4AM Tuesday in Shanghai.

Pizza/movie night! The Hobbit + Centro Pizza

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | blog | journey to Shanghai | Minki fritter

Minki attacks an apple fritter (the Ube donut and Bacon hash were also amazing)

The Trip

First, we awoke to a notice that our flight was delayed due to a typhoon. So, after checking in at a very empty SFO…

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | blog | Journey to Shanghai | SFO | Family

we hung out at the airport for a few hours. Luckily, my brother-in-law is amazing and sent the most thoughtful gift to Laini, 29hrs of reading on her Kindle! So plenty to keep her occupied.


Arriving at Pudong airport around 10PM, we found the place exceptionally clean and organized.

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | blog | Journey to Shanghai | Minki arrival
The floors were so clean, our shoes squeaked.

After our fifth COVID test over the last few weeks, we sat at the neighborhood committee station for two hours, waiting for a bus to transport us to our assigned quarantine hotel.

We checked into a well thought-out and highly professional, if a bit dystopia,n scene. Had our temperatures taken, signed up for daily food delivery and got briefed on the routine for our next seven days.

Finally unpacked around 4AM, Laini and were starving. We ate the still-warm dinner and slept a few hours. Because she has school and I have work, we opted to book two rooms for the family, so the girls will see Minki in seven days (he’s just down the hall).

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | blog | Journey to Shanghai | China quarantine | girls

#QuarantineLife in China is a super interesting experience! I’ll post some highlights later in the week. Feel free to ask me any questions 🙂 #SEA2SHjourney #QuarantineLife