…when we should really be asking,

People across industries, regions and levels are wondering why they’re going back to work. 

They’re questioning the fulfillment they get out of work… 

    their career choice… 

        their work-life balance… 

             and their very job.

So, as leaders, our job is clear.

We must reflect on what’s going to compel people to want to come back to work with us.

We need to define, live out, and amplify a clear culture in the workplace.

If we haven’t before, now is the time to cultivate a sense of belonging, where everyone feels heard, respected and valued.

It’s time to revisit:

  • Our talent acquisition experience. Who do we seek to hire and what should they know about us to consider joining our organization? If we know they seek more than a job, but a meaningful employment that contributes to their holistic sense of being, what do we need to adjust in our approach?
  • Employee engagement priorities. We might be working with more agility, changing working hours, seating and all manner of operational standards. What do these adjustments mean for employee engagement? Looking at all our practices with a fresh eye, how might we adjust our priorities to double down on the things that will resonate most?
  • Training opportunities. What was our training cadence before the pandemic? What were the learning priorities? Did we have enough mental wellness offerings? Is our delivery system fit for use in today’s new environment?

What are some adjustments you believe you need to make in the workplace? Have you tried anything new that’s working well? If so, I’d love to hear about it!