I just learned the Aramaic phrase, “abruq ad babra”, which means that we create as we speak. I’m other words, as we give voice to a desire, we manifest that reality. No wonder it has become the magician’s “abracadabra”!

But going back to the idea, do you believe you can create as you speak? Maybe this isn’t about magic. Perhaps it’s about the importance of our words. Are you aware of what you’re thinking, of what you’re saying?

Instead of “I don’t deserve… I can’t do this…” 

What might happen if you speak in affirmation? “I will… I can…”

It’s about more than speaking with conviction. I think there’s power to aligning our beliefs with our emotions and our intentions. Because when those things aren’t aligned, magic can’t happen. We unintentionally limit ourselves. But when they do, the impossible can become possible. 

we create as we speak_wine barrels

I took the photo of our wine tour guide in Lucca. After his grandmother passed and the family’s property went into disrepair, he and his cousin dropped everything to learn wine making. Just before COVID, they restarted on a small scale and every day since, they are creating as they speak. A new legacy and a revived property, brimming with hope, passion, commitment, and insanely hard work. Do visit Factoria Maionchi if you go to Italy – and see what the guys have created! 

create as we speak_photo

I’ve personally experienced abruq ad babra happen in my life – have you? If not, are you willing to give it a try? Get specific: define an intention and commit to investing your emotion, intellect, and energy behind it! I’d love to hear what happens.

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