Inspiring Women in Travel Asia (IWTA)

TD and the IWTA Committee aims to spotlight and advocate for women in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry. Watch my interview with Travel Daily on my YouTube channel here. A few highlights:

  • Three things Hospitality and Advertising have in common: In any service industry, 1) It’s all about people, 2) Data helps us understand who we serve, 3) Communication internally and externally are critical.
  • Why we ought to fear complacency. We should never feel we’re already at our best, because there’s always more to learn, experience and grow!
  • What travel means to me. The more we travel, the more we remember how small we are and how big the world is.
  • The advice I’d give my younger self: Keep your mind open and your heart full, then see where life takes you!

Find the interview on TD’s website here and listen to the IWTA Podcast series here.