Last week, I flew to LA to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday. Yes, I flew from Seattle to LA for dinner. And it was totally worth it!

In the past, when friends reached out, though I was excited to connect with loved ones, I frequently redirected them to my admin to help us find time… a date that was many times, 2 to 3 weeks out. I wasn’t trying to come across as cold, I was simply (I thought) facing the realities of my schedule.

Now with the precious gift of time this summer, I have realized how uncaring those messages came across. So to all my loved ones, I’m sorry. To those I didn’t know as well, who often had to wait even longer for us to connect, I’m also sorry.

I’m vowing when I re-enter the professional arena after my #professionalhalftime, to not forget this important lesson. That there’s always time for connection. That the schedule ALWAYS allows for time to express love and care, no matter where, when, or how.