What a delight, speaking with Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey on her first episode of The Wayfinders podcast! Watch The Wayfinders Podcast video on my Youtube channel here.

Social Legacy — Building a Better World

Here is what we talked about:

  • Life experiences that keep us humble: “I think that was what my childhood was growing up, constantly trying to figure things out and always feeling humbled. Always feeling not good enough, not successful enough. Not in a negative way but truly just in a humbling, I’m very small in a very big world kind of way.”
  • Going broad to find the perfect job fit: “I think going broad is one of the best things we can do because we can start learning the environment, the types of bosses, the types of industries and the size of company, the company culture, the context in which we thrive. And a lot of times you’re not going to nail right away, this is it, but slowly.”
  • Finding a mentor: “There are times where I didn’t know what to do and I would just look around and try and figure out who seemed the most adept at what I was not good at and just reaching out and saying, hey, can I buy you a coffee? Can you teach me? I think people are more willing to help than we expect.”

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