Ah, the value of crafting routine. Sounds boring, right? For somebody who loves to pick up and embrace spontaneous experiences, this doesn’t even sound like me. But it’s exactly what I try to do! In fact, it’s because I love those unexpected moments of joy that I have learned the value of routine.

You see, crafting routine enables me to be my best self.

It’s all about letting conscious choices guide me, and intentionally allowing temporary, fleeting things to fall to the wayside. For instance, I start my daily routine with 15 minutes of meditation. Then glancing at my calendar, I set goals for what I want to get accomplished that day. All this before I check emails/texts so that I’m leaning into the day on my front foot.

Routine is also good for my physical health.

I’ve identified which days I intermittently fast and which days I exercise. It’s all noted in the calendar. Sounds anal and maybe a bit boring, right? Yet, crafting that routine enables my body to be at its best.

By the way, I’ve recently gained a few pounds and gotten imbalanced. That’s because I lost my routine! When my daughter went to Spain for the summer, I traveled more and lost my rhythm. Still trying to get it back now 😐

Last, routine enables us to experience more joy!

It’s true – I believe that maintaining consistency in our habits enables us to experience a more steady joy. That’s because we don’t find ourselves oscillating from one moment of temporary happiness to sudden dips of stress. Perhaps you know just what I’m referencing. That feeling of hurry-up-and-wait, where we never quite feel on top of our game. Rather, our day runs on an undercurrent of anxiety. “What am I missing?” “Did I forget something?”

In this way, crafting routine is like mapping out flow. We’re laying the groundwork for our own energy flow.

So craft your routine today.

So go ahead and craft your routine. Be present in the moment. And remember, the more we train our mind and body in consistency, the smoother we fall into flow.

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