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I launched this site in the midst of my “professional halftime,” in Fall 2019. After 20+ years in the corporate world, I took the summer off to invest in my family (last year, we moved back to the States after eight years in China) and to write a book.

For those who have visited this site in the past, I thank you for your patience!

I had some trouble with the first developer and know the load time was a challenge, but recently met the wonderful Fred Campos at DFW Website Designers, who has fixed it (Thank you, Fred!) Now I’ll be able to blog more frequently here – so stay tuned!

Please flip to THE FUTURE for an update on the book.


Mobile Biosphere Day 20: A different way to live.

This entire #mobilebiosphere adventure was an experiment in a new way to live. To social distance from our rented mobile home, seeing America's wilderness in total isolation. We have learned so much and experienced some of America's most beautiful places. Most of the...

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Highlights from New Mexico

What a gorgeous part of the country! We so enjoyed seeing the ancient pueblo cliff dwellings. Those with younger kiddos will love these - literally hundreds of rooms they can run in and out of! They can climb the walls... And yet still maintain social distance :)...

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Mobile Biosphere Day 19: A little surprise

We were driving right through Henderson, so we couldn't resist. While maintaining social distancing, we stopped by my parents' place. Laini set up on their front patio to surprise-serenade them, and in return they plied us with food for the rest of our...

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We've now visited many states we'd never had the opportunity to experience. My eye was drawn to these lines. A line of windmills. - Oregon Irrigation line. - Wyoming One single power line. - Idaho One of many trains (full of TP?) - Arizona A line of trucks over a mile...

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Ode to Puffin

I've been asked to share more about Puffin the pug, so here’s a post all about him! He’s a #rescuepug we’ve cared for these last three years. It was love at first sight. Laini saw a photo of him posted on social media in Shanghai, left in a trash can with burns...

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Mobile Biosphere Day 18: Time to pivot

Once again, our #mobilebiosphere must exercise agility and pivot. Laini's school computer stopped functioning and she would like to head back to WA. As parents, we feel so blessed that she's highly self-motivated and cares deeply about her school work. So, after a...

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