I launched this site in the midst of my “professional halftime,” in Fall 2019. After 20+ years in the corporate world, I took time off to pursue a passion project (writing a book!) and spend time with my family. Who knew COVID-19 would happen and gift us with more quality time than we could ever have imagined!


I recently started a new role as CEO for McCann Worldgroup, China.

This job sits at the intersection of all my passion areas:


HEAD: Designing and building branded OMO HX, online-meets-offline human experiences.

HEART: Supporting creative, intelligent and passionate people to do what they love to do.

SOUL: Working for an organization that puts creativity and purpose at the center of all they do.


Please flip to THE FUTURE for an update on the book.


Ask the Second Question.

Q1: "How's your day going?" A: "Great!" Q2. "Good to hear! Why was it great?" Asking the second question can help us turn a social ritual into an opportunity for self-reflection. And if we uncover the answer to what makes a day great, maybe we can architect more of...

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Stop Reloading and Start Listening.

My friend, Kitti, recently wrote this amazing, reflective article about the art of listening. She referred to herself as a "recovering non-listener"... can anyone relate to that? Do you listen or do you reload? Here's an easy diagnostic: If someone is sharing...

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In the midst of change management? Think like a coder.

Particularly during periods of transition (but quite possibly, all the time), we increase our odds of success when we think like a coder. This week, we were providing a team of movers with directions on what should be packed and what should remain in the house. And as...

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China’s medical check

Hooray, we exited quarantine this week! Next, we needed to get through China's mandatory medical check in order to secure our working visas and resident's permits. Note: this has nothing to do with COVID. In fact, every time we've come to work in China, we've...

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Leave it better than you found it.

Well, we're moving out of home in Bellevue, Washington. As I look around, especially as we're handing the keys over to ex-colleagues, we want to be very sure that we're leaving it in great shape. And in fact, we're leaving it better than we found it. In the same way,...

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Here are three things I love about the tiny, notorious, serious if not always 100% sober justice. She was a true professional. RBG once said, "If you want to be a true professional, do something outside yourself." She defined professionalism in many ways: She saw...

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