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I launched this site in the midst of my “professional halftime,” in Fall 2019. After 20+ years in the corporate world, I took the summer off to invest in my family (last year, we moved back to the States after eight years in China) and to write a book.

Please flip to THE FUTURE for an update on the book.


Purposeful, Global Leadership

In a recent interview with Emotive Group, I shared some thoughts on what leaders should be thinking about in the COVID-19 world. Exercise a new level of agile strategic thinking: We need to stop thinking of “post-COVID” as a solid milestone. Rather than expecting to...

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What do you see?

There’s been quite a bit of chatter about discrimination against Asians recently. Even as we’re celebrating Asian Pacific Heritage Month, hostile commentary around the “Chinese virus” continues to circulate. Speaking with Shaila Manyan and Curtis Chin today on a...

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It’s good to be home.

I know it's not easy to stay home. Friends are going stir-crazy. Loved ones are separated during times of crisis. Yet, I can't help be also feel grateful. We are ensconced in the comfort of a lovely home with (more than) basic necessities well supplied. We are...

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#Mobilebiosphere in Review

Our family has now been back in our house for 24 hours and have exchanged some valuable reflections with each other. First, we don't need much. We will live more simply and express more gratitude for all that we have. Laini's joyful cartwheeling while shouting, "Our...

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Mobile Biosphere Day 21: Last night under the stars

As we're cutting our trip a week short, we pulled into a camp in Oregon on our way back to Washington. What a perfect last evening! Gorgeous sunset on one side, full moon rising on the other. S'mores in the middle of it all, followed by a movie in the RV. Pure family...

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