I launched this site in the midst of my “professional halftime,” in Fall 2019. After 20+ years in the corporate world, I took time off to pursue a passion project (writing a book!) and spend time with my family. Who knew COVID-19 would happen and gift us with more quality time than we could ever have imagined!


I recently started a new role as CEO for McCann Worldgroup, China.

This job sits at the intersection of all my passion areas:


HEAD: Designing and building branded OMO HX, online-meets-offline human experiences.

HEART: Supporting creative, intelligent and passionate people to do what they love to do.

SOUL: Working for an organization that puts creativity and purpose at the center of all they do.


Please flip to THE FUTURE for an update on the book.


Caringly Assertive… It’s not an oxymoron.

What's an oxymoron? Well, it puts two seemingly contradictory terms in conjunction, like "deafening silence," "definite possibility," or "act naturally." Along similar lines, the concepts of "caring" and "assertive" are often perceived to be at odds with one another....

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A Jar of Marbles.

I recently heard this story from a friend. She entered a guy's office and stopped in her tracks when she eyed the massive jar of marbles sitting next to his desk. "What's the deal with the marbles?", she asked. Naturally. He told her he had filled the jar with 15,000...

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Mirrors or Windows?

Are you surrounding yourself with people who are like mirrors or like windows? Mirrors reflect your image back to you, right? So, these are the people who show you and tell you what you want to see and hear. They reinforce your opinions and beliefs, but fail to reveal...

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To be civilized.

Years ago, the anthropologist Margaret Mead was asked by a student what she considered to be the first sign of civilization in a culture. What do you think? Was it the emergence of hunting tools and cooking utensils? Or perhaps, indications of spiritual or religious...

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Live with intention.

What does it mean, to live with intention? Are you purposeful with your time and resources? If you recognize them as finite, non-replenishable resources... as finite as the cash in your wallet... would you make different investment choices? When you live with...

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On Social Legacy – in the workplace.

What's the legacy you're leaving behind in your workplace? Everyone's remembered for something... so, what's your thing? If you're not sure, or would like to build something intentional, here are a few ideas. #1mininspiration #sociallegacy...

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