I launched this site in the midst of my “professional halftime,” in Fall 2019. After 20+ years in the corporate world, I took time off to pursue a passion project (writing a book!) and spend time with my family. Who knew COVID-19 would happen and gift us with more quality time than we could ever have imagined!


I recently started a new role as CEO for McCann Worldgroup, China.

This job sits at the intersection of all my passion areas:


HEAD: Designing and building branded OMO HX, online-meets-offline human experiences.

HEART: Supporting creative, intelligent and passionate people to do what they love to do.

SOUL: Working for an organization that puts creativity and purpose at the center of all they do.


Please flip to THE FUTURE for an update on the book.


Would you like to polish your marketing skills and work one-on-one with me?
I’m looking for a marketing intern to help me with my book launch!

My book, “The Spare Room”, will launch on March 30, 2021. I’m looking for someone who loves telling meaningful stories and engaging socially, to partner with me for the next six months.

  1. You would help me extract content from the manuscript (other than my publisher and family, you’ll be the first to read it in its entirety!) and share in order to engage with like-minded people in relevant channels.
  2. I’d love your help building followership of the website and encourage others to share their stories, so that this website becomes a community of thoughtful, passionate leaders.
  3. While I accept select speaking/podcast offers, I do have a day job that is my first priority. That’s why I need your assessing and identifying the best opportunities and venues.

If you’re passionate about living an intentional life and believe in helping others lead with authentic purpose, I invite you to apply here!

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Are you ready to be a CEO?

I recently enjoyed reading The Motive, in which Lencioni stresses that mission must be a leader’s greatest motivation. He notes there are two kinds of executives - those who see the job as a personal reward and those who want to help others. Are you clear on your own...

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Loosen your grip

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received is to hold the things I value, lightly. This doesn’t mean we don’t treasure what we have. We can absolutely cradle those precious things in the palms of our hands.  But it does mean we don’t grasp the things we value...

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In 2021, How much time will you spend on each?

How much time will you spend on these three critical actions: Doing... Thinking... Being? We’re most accustomed to doing. Head down at the computer or striding briskly to the next meeting. If stuck at home, attending countess Teams meetings and generating impressive...

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The importance of psychological safety.

I wish I'd had the words to describe this important state of being earlier in my career. So, for those who haven't yet paused to reflect on the importance of psychological safety, I hope this article provides helpful food for thought. What is psychological safety?...

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When the sound of silence is… terrifying.

Ah, the sound of silence. It can bring to mind the tranquility of a peaceful lake or the stillness of a mountaintop view. At other times, it's a comfortable mantle that settles over our family as we contentedly read in the living room on a sunny Saturday afternoon....

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Caringly Assertive… It’s not an oxymoron.

What's an oxymoron? Well, it puts two seemingly contradictory terms in conjunction, like "deafening silence," "definite possibility," or "act naturally." Along similar lines, the concepts of "caring" and "assertive" are often perceived to be at odds with one another....

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