My book, The Spare Room, shares stories of my and other leaders’ social legacies. It also walks the reader step-by-step through defining your own social legacy. In fact, we have designed the book so that by the time you turn the last page, you will have articulated your own social legacy and action plan to start living with more intentionality.

Because it’s not just about you. It’s about those you pour into. And the magic of giving… which is, those you pour into, pour back into you. And the beautiful, mystical cycle goes on and on.

In our family’s third #taxichat, we reflect on how each of us has benefitted by opening our spare room to those in need.

Have you defined your own social legacy?

If so, I’d love to hear more – how has it benefitted you? I know… the question almost has a selfish ring to it: “I benefitted by…” but that’s the beauty of it! See, right there… that’s the magic of giving. We benefit others and we, ourselves, also benefit. Man, there ain’t nothing wrong with that kind of math.

Oh, and yes… the taxi driver’s stuffed dog looks like it’s licking Minki’s left shoulder.

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