According to NPR as the pandemic winds down, people are quitting their jobs in record numbers. They’re calling this “the great resignation.” Whether it’s at a meaningful scale or not, we should ask ourselves why folks are leaving their jobs, when less than a year ago, people were terrified they were going to lose their jobs?

Because many of us have now experienced a different way to live life. People are placing higher priority on flexibility and personal joy. They’ve reconnected with family, and learned to enjoy the stillness. Remember the amazing poem, And The People Stayed Home?

Also, new ways of work, like remote or flexible work hours have also changed how people think about how work should fit into their lives, instead of the other way around.

Last and possibly most importantly, people are looking for the WHY. It’s not just WHERE or HOW we go back to work, but WHY we believe it’s worth such an investment of our time, energy and passion. Truly, purpose is no longer a luxury.

Are you experiencing an increase in turnover? Are your people asking you more intentional questions about why and how we do what we do? Click here for some questions leaders should be asking.

In fact, some folks have reached out, asking if I might host a Spare Room workshop. If you’ve heard about or read the book and are interested in attending one, please contact me below.