The Global Conference gathers marketing leaders from across the globe to speak on driving change within the industry to provide the tools, vision, connections, and thinking space to come back stronger.

I share with 400 senior marketers about leading change. Key points:

– Today, social purpose has become an urgent leadership imperative in the business world. To be successful, we must lead with authenticity and purpose. And in order to embody social purpose and embed its values in the workplace, we must get clear on our own personal purpose. After all, it’s tough to lead a socially responsible business if we aren’t socially purposeful leaders.
– How I defined my own social legacy: Providing good ‘kibun’. The origin of that word and what “comfort for the spirit”  looks like in the workplace.
– When work and family come together, our social legacy can provide that consistent thread of who we are, wherever we are. Congruency between our beliefs and our company’s ethos allows us to be even more consistent in who we are as leaders.