Have you noticed this chair show up in a few of my photos and videos?

My beloved EA and friend, Lisa, helped me procure this chair for my office at IHG. Yes, I bought it on Taobao in China 🙂

Emily Chang | blog | egg chair | Lisa IHG

You might be wondering why the egg chair makes a consistent appearance in my posts.

Well, it’s played a pivotal role in my life for the better half of the last decade, and holds so many memories, it’s part of the fabric of my professional and personal life.

This chair resided in the corner of my IHG office, where I often reflected in those precious, spare moments between meetings. It’s where my daughter hung out when she came with me to work. It has witnessed tears, laughter, indecision, and determination.

Emily Chang | blog | egg chair | IHG

Then, when I moved to Starbucks, my new office was much smaller, so the egg chair went home. Simultaneously, our family moved from our small apartment of seven years, to the first house my daughter can remember living in. The second floor landing of our new home offered the perfect spot for my egg chair – right in the heart of our “critter corner.” This was where both the dog and pygmy hedgehog slept. It’s where Laini and I would pass countless weekend hours, reading together, side by side. It’s where her foster brother, Teo, would climb up to bother her, while she sought a few moments of peace.

Emily Chang | blog | egg chair | Laini

In 10/18, our family moved across the world to Seattle, where my new office in the Starbucks U.S. organization was yet smaller than the previous. So again, the egg chair found its home in our new house. The chair seems to have gravitational pull; it’s the place to where all our guests gravitate (particularly the little ones). It’s where Laini and I still spend hours reading, on the weekends. And now, it’s where I’m shooting my #1mininspiration videos.

Because this egg chair is a part of me. A quick glance instantly recalls years of amazing memories, both at work and at home. And that’s sort of the point – it’s about how we are able to integrate our work and personal lives in congruency and consistency. It’s about where we’re most comfortable, and therefore, able to do the best work.

What’s your “egg chair”?