I was recently in Minneapolis when I heard about Third Haus (Thanks, Jordan!) Referred to as “a network and lab space for the retail industry,” how could I not go check it out? A new place to write my book, perfect!

Lots of important themes emerged: consideration of space, enablement of both productivity and connection, and curation of retail. More than anything, the concept of community. The idea that no single person, brand, or company can forge the future alone. That the right space and attitude can spark empowerment and creativity.

After spending a few hours in this space (just newly opened!) I appreciated the natural light and sound consideration. Met some interesting people as we milled to stretch our legs and refill coffee cups. And I can imagine as more join this space, the events and conversations that will ignite.

I’ve just read the book, The Art of Gathering, so this experience really left me thinking. Wherever we are, how can we welcome and enable those who enter, to feel comfortable… productive… engaged… inspired?