I just love this kid. For this #taxichat, I turned the camera on Laini, and her question was, “How has The Spare Room impacted your world view?” If, in previous taxi chats, I was concerned I was going too deep for a tween, I guess I no longer have to worry! 😅

Me: I believe and have experienced that if you’re willing to say “yes” to need, that need will find you. Listen below for more.

Laini: “There’s a need I can meet and there’s something I can do… and like, you can make a difference.”

Well said, young person. Well said.

BTW at the very end of this video, I tease her about all the animals she’s saved. For the record, in case you’re interested, I’ve counted. Laini has rescued or helped 129 snails (a full-year “Save the Snails” campaign took over a good portion of our apartment), 5 dogs, 1 turtle, 1 guinea pig, and 1 pygmy hedgehog. Here’s a photo of joyful Laini & Hanae, the guinea pig.

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | Laini and rescue guinea pig

Click here to check out Holly Berry our rescue mutt, and here for our insanely cute pygmy hedgehog (both still with us today).

For our cutest, most damaged, and smelliest rescue, check out an Ode to Puffin the Pug here may he rest In peace.

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | Rescue pug

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