I recently asked Laini, who would you like to give The Spare Room book to?

Would she identify someone who’s struggling with their purpose? Does my twelve-year old really understand the concept of Social Legacy, and who in her life might benefit from the framework of Offense + Offer? (Check out this post for the Social Legacy framework – about halfway down).

Me: This book is for anyone who wants to take action! Each chapter comes with three stories (one is our own), followed by a series of reflective questions and exercises designed to help each reader take action. First, identify your Social Legacy and write it down. Then, formulate an action plan to get going – because we all have good intentions, but some of us need specificity to get going!

Laini: I was a little surprised (and delighted!) to hear her say she thought this was a good book for young people. What an encouraging response! BTW, she’s insanely articulate with one spontaneous question, but I love the reaction when I spring a second question on her 😁

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