In this #taxichat, I ask Laini how it feels to continually expand our family. Each time we open our Spare Room to someone who needs a safe place to stay, we gain a new family member. She gains a new sibling (or in Jaesin‘s case, an uncle).

But it doesn’t stop there! Because these guys then go on to build families of their own, which then also add on to our family! For instance, Jaesin was a young, single guy when he lived with us… now he has two cuties of his own! (Find his story in chapter three).

Or Tim, who isn’t in the book, but is a huge part of our lives… who lived with us as a teenager. Who’s now married and we love that sweet, funny Hannah has joined our family! And her wickedly joyful sister, Maddy, too!

In this chat, Laini and I talk about the McClures – Jackie and Jason are the wonderful people who adopted Teo. In fact, we’re so close that we’ve decided to give our joint family name, the McChangs (no, we don’t come with a side of fries).

As always, I love listening to Laini reflect on how she feels about our family of families. Check out our chat below: