I recently spoke at the APAC International Coaching Conference on how defining our social legacy enables us to live with deeper intention. Today, I wanted to share one slide here. Check out the self-reflection exercises; I hope they provide you with tangible tips to live with intention.

Emily Chang APAC Coaching Conference Living with Intention

Let’s start with writing it down.

Yes, this is a graphic of a tombstone. Perhaps a bit morbid, but as someone who enjoys defining the end goal, this is sort of the ultimate end goal! You see, if we can define how we want to be remembered, we will find ourselves adjust our daily choices with more deliberation, prioritization, and intent. Do you have an epitaph? If not, take a moment and write yours down now. How do you want to be remembered?

  • Now that you have a draft, are there elements that you feel pretty good about? Keep it up!
  • Maybe there are other parts of your epitaph that feel like a distant goal. That’s OK, starting today, you’ve got those words to drive you every day!

So, once you’ve written your epitaph, post it somewhere you can see it every day. Maybe even share it with those closest to you – because once you share an intention, you’ve created a verbal contract!

Then, let’s consider the trolls.

Once we have defined how we want to live our life, what might stand in our way? Almost always, the most challenging limitations don’t diminish us from outside, but rather from within. What are your personal trolls? Take a moment to define what diminishes your physical wellness.

  • Is it food related? Perhaps you need to start each day with a healthy breakfast. Or perhaps it’s not food-related but tied to your exercise routine, sleep habits, or other priorities that enable you to be at your physical best.
  • What about those trolls that whisper in your ear? Do they insinuate that you’re not good enough? Do they plant seeds of fear or doubt? Identifying those trolls is the first first step to putting them to rest.
  • What about your spiritual balance? Perhaps you’re an introvert and you need a certain amount of time to yourself each week. Or perhaps you find you’re at your best when you start each day in quiet meditation.

I hope these tangible tips have gotten you thinking and help you begin to live with deeper intention.

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