A grown man hung up on me today, after shouting at me for a couple of (long) minutes.

Over what seemed to be a small misunderstanding. One that could have been calmly discussed with a few words.

Man, I don’t think anyone’s hung up on me since I broke up with my boyfriend in eighth grade. So… that was jarring.

And I’ll admit it. When he hung up on me, I experienced that flare of righteous indignation. As he screamed and people came to my glass door, peering in to see what what was going on, I wanted to roll my eyes at them and gesture, “Can you believe this?!”

But – I took a breath. I imagined myself on a crisp Seattle morning, hiking with my dog. Maybe you see yourself laying out by the pool or doing yoga with the sunrise. Wherever it is, find your breath.

Let’s all do our best to remember that people are separated from their families. They’ve been stuck indoors for an unreasonable number of days. They miss cocktail hour and library visits and loved ones. let’s extend grace and exercise a spirit of generosity. Shall we?

Let’s do this together, friends. Because at the end of the day, we’re in this together.