Gossip, whether whispered at desks, or shared loudly over drinks, is poison to the organization. Perhaps it feels ok because “what we’re saying is true.” Well… of course it’s true – because otherwise what you’re engaging in is slander. That’s why I say, Stop the office gossip!

WHY are you sharing this information?

Start by asking yourself this question. Because in fact, you may be the source of gossip, without knowing it. Gossip is the unnecessary sharing of information that can harm another. So ask yourself – are you sharing to inspire, educate, or uplift? If not, what is your motivation? Because the opposite of helping, is to hurt or debilitate. See, gossip is a dangerous weapon in the workplace. It erodes psychological safety, not just for the person being discussed, but for everyone.

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Gossip is a form of manipulation.

It’s a coward’s way of not dealing with a relationship head on. And it comes from a person not having the integrity or bravery to engage directly with an issue or a person. So, even if you’re on the listening end of gossip, stop participating. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated.

The author Steve Mariboldi wrote, “How would your life be different if… You walked away from gossip and verbal defamation? Let today be the day… You speak only the good you know of other people and encourage others to do the same.” This is a great challenge we should all take on in 2024!

Gossip negates all the good.

We work so hard, invest with intention, and pour our hearts into the workplace to create a positive, inclusive, and inviting place to work. But one mote of gossip can wound the workplace… and if left unchecked, can debilitate it. In fact, gossip steals joy from the workplace.

Now, you might be wondering, why am I so concerned with gossip? Perhaps it even seems trite. Well, the more folks are invested in the small-minded talk of people, the less we’re investing in the great exploration of ideas.

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Leaders create experiences.

See, we aren’t in the business of “managing people”. Rather, leaders are responsible for creating, curating, and nurturing an environment for creativity and productivity. How do we do this? By being present, and by helping people feel seen. Of course, we can only do this if we’re listening and checking the pulse of the organization. And when we observe energy spinning around gossip, we need to stop it.

Here’s to positive energy, productivity, and an in-it-together mindset. In 2024, let’s stop the office gossip!

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