Meet my adorable niece, Maya (her sisters, Dani and Valeria, are equally adorable).

In this photo I snapped while the group of us cracked up, Maya found a pair of contacts, and immediately tried to stick one in her eye. At <2yrs old, this little one has clearly been steadfastly observing her parents.

She had witnessed her dad putting in his contacts each morning, and intuitively knew what to do with the pair she stumbled across.

While we found the moment overwhelmingly adorable, we also quickly sobered up. Nothing reminds us to behave as respectable adults, as a child who mimics our every move.

in the same way that Maya knew to put those contacts in her eyes, how much do those who work for us learn from our behavior as leaders, almost in an instinctual way?

And what change might this impel in us? What represents the best of who we are, and how do we manifest that self as often as possible?

Conversely, what defines our worst self, those cringy moments that make us feel ashamed? Do we recognize those moments and seek to manage and minimize them?