So the pygmy hedgehog’s tiny fabric tent was getting a little funky. It was time to build her a new abode. That’s why this weekend, I created a new little home for her. Finding an old box in the project room, I filled it with fleece material and scalloped the edges.

Watching me with part curiosity and part exasperation, my daughter asked why I didn’t just cut the borders with a straight edge? Well, it would’ve taken just the same amount of time with a plain pair of scissors. But I scalloping the edges, eager to create a little unnecessary whimsy… seeking a moment of gratuitous joy. It brought a smile to my face, and I think I brought it brought a smile to the hedgehog’s, too!

Whenever we can, let’s scallop the edges and bring a little gratuitous joy to the world.

And if we’re honest, we are physically incapable of cuddling a pygmy hedgehog without our hearts filling with joy.

Even cuter when they fall asleep with us, while we work late into the night.

Yes, you’re right. Now I’m just popping gratuitous photos of my hedgehog into this post. I’ll stop.

OK. Now I’ll stop.

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