This summer, I posted on the concept of embracing novicehood. I love the idea of balancing business experience and expertise cultivated over time, with the humility and adventure that comes with starting something new and unknown.


 This experience has been a valuable one, from the actual writing of the book to engaging an agent and publisher. Creating my personal website was an exercise in self-reflection. More recently, I’ve enjoyed co-designing the book cover and working through edits.


Latest update: The Spare Room is now available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! 🥳


Pre-order the book here

Book Synopsis

He came to our house to die. Teo was born with hydrocephalus and had already survived a hellish first year of life. The unbearable pain from his swollen head and battered brain forced screams from the baby’s lips, on the hour. Like a nightmarish cuckoo clock, this little boy broke our hearts, but then as he overcame tremendous odds in the three years he lived with us, became part of our family. Teo was the fourteenth occupant of our Spare Room.

Weaving poignant storytelling with thoughtfully architected exercises, The Spare Room provides inspiring yet practical guidance on how to live a richly purposeful life by defining your Social Legacy.

Each of us experiences that visceral response to something which offends our sense of justice, stopping us in our tracks: “This cannot go on. Someone has to do something!” Alongside our Offense, we also possess something we’re uniquely positioned to offer. That Offer, a resource we have readily on hand, is exactly something that someone else desperately needs.

Your Social Legacy, then, is found where your Offer and Offense meet. That is, the impact or contribution you uniquely have the power to impart on the world around you. For anyone wondering “Is there more to life than this?”, naming your Social Legacy sets you on the path to live a life of deeper intention and purpose.

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