In a recent interview with Emotive Group, I shared some thoughts on what leaders should be thinking about in the COVID-19 world.

  • Exercise a new level of agile strategic thinking: We need to stop thinking of “post-COVID” as a solid milestone. Rather than expecting to land on a “new normal,” we can prepare ourselves for a series of “next normals”.
  • Allow shared purpose to unearth new capability: Sports and auto manufacturers are producing ventilators, while distilleries are pivoting to producing sanitizers. Many companies are identifying new capabilities, even as they challenge old sacred cows. They’re serving new needs and streamlining processes—and making money!
  • Interrogate the data: We must recognize that the world has changed. Consumer habits, media consumption, online behavior, and digital engagement have all taken a quantum leap. As we seek insights from our databases, let’s exercise discernment and not allow old data to inform new decisions. Obsolete data isn’t that which was collected and shared in 2018… it’s as recent as January 2020.

For more, check out the full interview here.