One of my most heart-wrenching and simultaneously heartwarming moments as a mother was when I realized why Laini stood on the foot rest of Teo’s stroller.

Man, she loved her brother.

Because Teo was born with hydrocephalus and didn’t look like an ordinary boy, the public reaction to him was understandably out of the ordinary. But at times, I think it could have been a bit more compassionate. In this #taxichat, we each share a memory of bringing Teo out with us. And Laini shares why she stood on the foot rest of his stroller every time we went out.

Not every memory is a lovely one, but even the tough ones shape who we become. And in Laini’s case, living with and loving her specially-abled brother has cultivated a deep passion for justice. I’m so grateful for that.

I’m also grateful for all Teo taught us, with his endless ability to forgive. With his deep-seated joy, and that delightful giggle which bubbled forth whenever he laid eyes on us. I’ll be eternally in awe of the special relationship these two share.

As mentioned in the video, I wrote about this in the book. Flip to Chapter Four.

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