I appear to be on a mic theme, with last week’s “Don’t Let Them Drop the Mic” post 😄 Today, I want to highlight an awesome initiative led by Anna Soliman at Meta called Pass Her the Mic.

Did you know? Only 30% of speakers at global conferences are women.

That’s why Pass Her the Mic was created. It’s an initiative to get more women onto our stages by:

  1. Creating a speaker bench of excellent women speakers,
  2. Connecting those speakers with event organizers.

I love the intentionality and focus on tangible outcome. Having personally attended three training sessions and a 1:1 coaching session, I’m so impressed by the focus and passion of the program’s leaders.

Pass Her the Mic team

Here’s what I learned.

Though I’ve done three TEDx talks and a host of speaking/podcast events, I still have much to learn and improve. In particular, the below slide resonated with me (I’ve been given approval to share here). One of the first things you learn as a speaker, is to eliminate the fillers. In fact, I feel so strongly about this, I posted about eliminating that dreaded two-letter word here. But there’s more! We did a session on weak language, and I realized I still have work to do.

You see, weak language is about more than fillers. How many of these weak language phrases do you use?

Pass Her the Mic - weak language

What’s next…

By July 2022, Pass Her the Mic will have a publicly accessible database of more than 100 highly trained female speakers, all ready to share expertise around the most in-demand business topics like commerce, digital marketing, leadership and more. Delighted to be part of this esteemed group!

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To learn more about this initiative, check out Pass her the Mic website or LinkedIn.