In my book, The Spare Room, I share stories of our family’s experiences with babies, children and the occasional young person in our spare room. Over the course of 20+ years, we have shared our home with sixteen people. In our family’s fifth #taxichat, we pause to reflect on each of our most poignant memories of each other.

Minki remembers me with Lotus, a prostitute’s daughter, who grew up sharing a room with her mother in the brothel. Laini remembers Minki’s endless hours potty training Teo (and me, at yet another, less-than-ideal moment). Then, I remember how Minki patiently explains what a pineapple is, to a teenage boy. Yes, a🍍.

I loved this #taxichat! It’s one thing to share our own memories… it’s interesting and eye-opening (not to mention, heart-opening!) to share our memories of each other.💗

Today, I’d encourage you to share a memory you have of your loved one with them. Take a moment and explain how you see them… and watch their cheeks flush as they have an out-of-body experience. As they see themselves in a new, more generous light. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll start to see themselves that way, too.

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