We each have a defining moment… that moment in our lives when an experience fundamentally changes us. Our defining moment can serve as a catalyst, transforming our perceptions and behaviors. And once we’ve experienced that defining moment, we cannot but move forward with greater and more defined intention.

In our second #taxichat, our family members share each of our defining moments… that moment when we realized we would always say, “yes”, to a baby, child or young person in need.

What has been your defining moment?

If you can’t pinpoint one yet, here are three reasons doing so can change your life:

  1. Defines personal identity: we can answer the question, “Who am I?” with greater clarity and move forward with deeper intention. We embrace our #sociallegacy.
  2. Defines our family: we can answer the question, “Who are we?” Not only can we articulate our individual identities and social legacies, we can also do the same for our little family unit.
  3. Bring it to work… this can define our company: In the same way, a team of colleagues can come together and proclaim our role in the marketplace and in society.

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