In our fourth #taxichat, our family asked ourselves, “What was the biggest surprise from The Spare Room. When we opened our spare room to a number of babies and children (and one young adult), we inevitably found ourselves in new territory. We reflect on our biggest surprise from The Spare Room.

These taxi chats are completely spontaneous, and I have to pause to recognize Laini’s poise and clarity of thought. She’s twelve years old! I’m pretty sure I didn’t sound like that back when I was twelve.

Anyway. I love my family’s answers. As usual and per their lovely dispositions, Minki and Laini share generous insights.

I, on the other hand, get vulnerable. I reflect on how I’ve been less-than. On how, even in the midst of deeply wanting to do something good and help another, I wasn’t always at my best. I talk about life’s little paper cuts and how they wear us down… such that when we’re faced with even a small nuisance, we fail to react with calm, wisdom and measuredness.

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