Hosted by Maria Bailey, this podcast is about making ordinary life extraordinary, exploring the challenges of the daily grind and other life mysteries and ultimately offers inspiring and creative tools and techniques for building an abundant life. This podcast explores edgy topics and uncomfortable assumptions that reveal the unconscious drivers of our habitual patterns that hold us back from finding the richness in ordinary moments. Listen to my episode on Ordinary Habits, Extraordinary Life Podcast here.


  • A state of heart (not of mind) – that’s all you need!
    • Lean into something that speaks to you on an emotional level.
    • Develop the sensitivity to hear and trust where your spirit is pulled.
    • Is there something you can do in this circumstance?
  • Growth Mindset. Abundance Mindset.
    • Stretch the limits of who you are.
    • The more you give, the more life gives back.
    • Get comfortable with failure.
  • C.A.R.: Set up a plan for all the things that are important to you.
    • Context: How hard is this thing going to be? Where am I starting from? Where am I going and what’s around me?
    • Action: What do I need to do? What am I responsible for? And what’s within my control?
    • Result: What is my desired outcome?
  • Living Inside your Social Legacy.
    • To live at peace with yourself, with your circumstance, and with what you think you’re capable of.