I’ve been asked to share more about Puffin the pug, so here’s a post all about him! He’s a #rescuepug we’ve cared for these last three years.

It was love at first sight. Laini saw a photo of him posted on social media in Shanghai, left in a trash can with burns covering half his body. She asked if we could rescue him, and our hearts broke right alongside hers.

After we brought the pug home, we realized burns were the least of his issues. He had likely been raised in a too-small box, so his bones had grown into a bent and painful shape. His spine is compacted, causing him constant pain (steroid shots help). Untreated cataracts have caused blindness, and untreated ear infections have resulted in deafness.

We all adore Puffin, but he has a special relationship with Laini. We think (perhaps because we named him after a bird?) he has imprinted to her and despite his special needs, can always find his girl.

Emily Chang | Pug | Puffin and Laini
A photo a year since we brought him home.

We love how hard he sleeps.

I didn’t have the heart to move that day. Just let him snore away on me.
Emily Chang | Pug | Puffin | tongue out
When he’s really out, his tongue sticks out.

And our favorite is when he just wakes up. His big, black eyes open up but the tongue has yet to retract. This is his “derpy look.”

Emily Chang | Pug | Puffin | hilarious tongue
He’s derpy but he owns it.

Even Holly takes him under her wing now and again.


If you think these photos are cute, you haven’t heard him yet! These are the insanely cute noises he makes when he’s hungry. He’s very difficult to say ‘no’ to!

You can see the remaining scarring from his burns here :*(

Two quirks: 1) sometimes his legs give out and he unexpectedly falls over with a small ‘thump’… like those goats that faint when they are frightened. He’s never hurt, but it inevitably draws laughter and cuddles. 2) he loves sitting in, and being carried around in bags.

Emily Chang | Pug | Puffin | gym bag
When Puffin can’t be found, look in bags laying around on the floor.

Puffin is possibly the world’s most expensive and high-maintenance dog. But the joy and laughter he brings us, as well as knowing we are giving him a good end of life, makes it all worth it.