I love how Peleton and other fitness services are offering free subscriptions right now. Out in our #mobilebiosphere life, we’ve had plenty of cardiovascular exercise as we hike America’s wilderness.

But I realized I was starting to lose muscle mass, and I refuse to succumb to acedia 🙂 Well, I hadn’t brought any free weights on this trip. But looking around the RV, two jugs of water caught my eye.

Turns out, a gallon of water weighs 8.3lbs. And with its handle, doubles as a pretty good kettle bell, too. Hit the pantry, people – no excuses!

Emily Chang | #mobilebiosphere | water workout

Looking for some good workouts? Here are some of my favorites. Having lived in Shanghai for 8yrs (before fitness really took off), I’ve been working out at home for years. These suggestions all made the list because they: 1) push my physically, 2) yield results, and 3) keep the selling/promotion to a bare minimum. So if you have similar workout criteria, check out:

  • Insanity, an oldie but goodie I’ve been doing for years
  • Step it up with Asylum (free 60 day trial with this link!)
  • Les Mills is a good alternative (lovely accents vs. Shaun T shouting)
  • Popsugar has loads of options, most are great (and free)
  • Blogilates has some insane pilates moves (but she’s a touch gabby)
  • Five Parks Yoga is my favorite yoga channel (and free)

Speaking of yoga, Colorado will always hold a special place in my heart. The muscles finally clicked and I can now hold crow for a good 5min! Been working on this one for quite a while.

Emily Chang | #mobilebiosphere | workout | yoga | crow

What are some of your favorite workouts? Let’s keep moving together! #dailywellness