I’ve learned some interesting facts about hands, recently. First, did you know that there aren’t any muscles in your fingers? And let’s talk about pinkie strength.

The pinkie finger is seriously under-appreciated.

It’s the smallest digit and lingers on the outskirts of the hand, yet it plays a critical role. The pinkie works with the thumb to pinch and empower the other three fingers. In fact, according to a certified hand therapist in Washington, you would lose 50 percent of your hand strength if you were to lose your pinkie finger!

So, who’s the pinkie on your team?

This person may not be the unstoppable pointer, the standout aggressor, or the dexterous heavy lifter. Rather, this quieter person may often be overlooked. Yet, they’re the one who empowers others… who quietly and consistently uplifts the entire team.

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | Hand strength

No, I didn’t forget… that comment about how fingers don’t have muscles.

It’s true! While we have over 600 muscles in our body, we don’t actually have any in our fingers. In fact, everything that enables us to grip and point happens from the muscles in palms and forearms. So, there you go.