Our family has now been back in our house for 24 hours and have exchanged some valuable reflections with each other.

First, we don’t need much. We will live more simply and express more gratitude for all that we have. Laini’s joyful cartwheeling while shouting, “Our house is so big! My shower was so hot! I love my room!” may eventually taper off, but we hope the appreciation will remain.

1 RV

2 Dogs

3 Humans

4 Facetime cello lessons (thanks, Dr. Li!)

5 Rolls TP (1 toilet, 3 ppl, 22 days – let’s do the math)

6 S’mores (well… 6 bonfires, maybe more s’mores)

7 Movies (started the Marvel series, thanks Uncle Jay)

8 States (vs. 24 originally planned – gotta be agile these days)

9 Selfies (more photos of Laini than in the last 24mo combined)

10 RV Campsites (from total wilderness to trailer parks)

Second, it was worth flexing outside our comfort zone to give each other this unforgettable experience.

I am not:

  • An RV person
  • A “wing it one day out” kind of planner
  • Someone who enjoyed pre-packaged salads
  • Accustomed to climbing/crawling to reach basic necessities

However, I am:

  • For my family and their joy
  • All about creating lifetime memories
  • Extracting opportunity from all situations
  • Intentionally seeking opportunities to stretch and grow
Emily Chang | #Mobilebiosphere | Minki train race
And seeing my husband race a train? Worth it.