In the 2550+ miles we had planned for this #mobilebiosphere trip, we were originally going to drive through/stay in over 20 states. For each state, we selected a book set in that state (To Kill a Mockingbird in Alabama) and a social studies lesson (The Trail of Tears as we crossed the Mississipppi). Though we won’t head that far east after all, we still discussed the forced removal of over 100,000 Native Americans from the Southeast.

The Trail of Tears

We exchanged lots of interesting questions and dialogue. “Why was it called ‘the Indian problem’ when they were here first?” “Why are Americans going to China called ‘expats’ but those coming here to the U.S. are called ‘immigrants’?” It’s all about one’s point of view.

But enough of that, this isn’t intended to be a history lesson. Here’s what I wanted to share: after our discussion, we decided as we make our own path across parts of the U.S. to leave behind a Trail of Joy!

Emily Chang | #mobilebiosphere | Utah | family

We all loved this idea, so everywhere we go, we try to sprinkle joy. This has been one of the most gratifying parts of our trip!

I know you’re all working day and night to support your communities, business and people. Today, how might you sprinkle a little joy where it’s least expected?

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