This award-winning photo taken by Kathrin Swoboda is so arrestingly beautiful!

When it’s cold enough, we can both hear and see a bird’s melody. 

As we’re sheltering-in-place, life may feel colder. Are you feeling lonely or distant, despite the online happy hours? 

Consider your daily wellness habit and see if you can add new dimension to it. If you do yoga, can you extend your practice? If your family already has a no-devices rule at dinner, how about adding Table Topics to the meal? 

Instead of hiking the wilderness, we walked alongside an empty highway earlier this week. That was certainly a unique view!

Emily Chang | #mobilebiosphere | Wyoming

This week, let’s challenge ourselves to find a new element of discovery to our existing routines.

Let’s both hear and see the music.

PS it’s cold enough in Wyoming, that we’re going to try and see some birdsong today.

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