Did you happen to catch our road rules, shared on Day Four? You may have noticed Laini “owns the map.” What’s that all about? It’s about initiating a new project with intentionality. Just as relevant for entering a new stage of relationship. In our case, we have undertaken both. The #mobilebiosphere is one of our family’s biggest undertakings, and we know this special time will open a new chapter in our relationships.

On this trip, we each have our roles.

Laini has been given the responsibility of owning the map. This is a piece of art we are creating along the way. She will research each location and write her observations right onto the map. She will also photograph the most interesting or beautiful scene we come across. Laini owns memorializing our trip (stealthy education in progress). In addition to more established #elearning, how might you give your kids meaningful responsibility, interwoven with new learning opportunities?

Memorialize the moment.

We are all excited to know that by the time we return home, we will have a great artifact to frame from our trip! How are you approaching this coming time, or your next project, with the end in mind? What is your desired outcome and who will contribute, in what way?