As we embarked on this #mobilebiosphere experiment, we knew we’d need to lay down some road rules. Our family gets along beautifully, but even the most loving relationships can become strained in a tiny RV (or in your large house).

So before we began our adventure, we established family road rules. What does each of us need each day? Dad needs an hour solitary hike. Laini needs at least an hour of quiet reading time (she prefers 15hrs/day, but we negotiated). What will we commit to doing as a family? Starting each day with a time of meditation and a few quiet hours of work. Ending each day by sharing reflections of what we’d seen and experienced.

What are your road rules during this transitory time? Do you know what each person in the house needs, and have you established how you’ll start and end each day?

As everyone in the retail/hospitality industry knows, the first and final moments have great power in defining an experience. #mobilebiosphere #MakingMemories #RoadSchooling #roadrules