Out here, it’s just the three of us and nature. How might we extract interesting, useful lessons for our kids, wherever we are?

Today’s physics lesson involved stone skipping. The key to a good skip lies in spinning the stone – spin stabilizes an object, keeping it from falling into the water. But it goes much deeper than that, incorporating velocity, mass, tilt, angle of attack and water density.

Physics by the river.

We got into the principle of momentum conservation and learned that achieving the necessary velocity was our key inhibiting factor. Going out to try again tomorrow.

Do you need some ideas for your family?

We’ve been doing at-home science projects for years! Here are a few of our favorites (I used to post these daily on a Chinese blog):

  1. Use lemon juice as invisible ink (writing/drawings become visible when heat is applied)
  2. Crayon art – Ours from 2013 still hangs in our home
  3. Rainbow milk – This one always works.
  4. Grow gummy bears – This was great fun!
  5. Baking soda volcano – Some clean-up required 🙂
  6. Build marshmallow catapults – bonus points for hitting targets!
  7. Boba lovers, make your own at home: May not work on the first try but worth it when you get it right!
  8. Make a pasta rocket: Adult supervision required
  9. Harry Potter lovers, check this site out
  10. When in doubt, oobleck

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