As you might have heard, California passed the shelter-in-place law a few days ago, right as we prepared to enter the state. #Mobilebiosphere, veer left!

Of course, we discussed options. Should we turn around and go back to Washington and continue our social distancing from home? Should we drive around California (kind of a big state) and continue with the rest of the plan? 

We decided to continue the trip, since we are successfully and happily following all guidance. However, we also respect Californian law, so we found a way to make the best of the situation. Within a few hours, we had alternative plans lined up. And we would never have found this beautiful place!

Our last few days served as a good reminder that agility keeps the peace. Panic or anxiety over the uncontrollable could have put a damper on the experience, or at least the day. Focusing on what we could control kept the RV feeling positive and lighthearted.

Approaching the sudden change of plans in partnership with my husband also provided a positive role model for my daughter. If she sees us calm, she’ll remain calm. If she sees us stressed, she’ll begin to stress. 

The world is veering every hour, if not every day right now. From the RV, we’re helping friends and peers where we can, virtually. CV reviews, mock interviews, mentoring sessions, strat planning. We have the gift of being isolated with everything we need in this 25ft space. If there’s anything the Chang’s can do to be of service, please let us know.