This entire #mobilebiosphere adventure was an experiment in a new way to live. To social distance from our rented mobile home, seeing America’s wilderness in total isolation.

We have learned so much and experienced some of America’s most beautiful places. Most of the RV camps were just what we hoped for: a place to hook up, right in the middle of nature… glorious views, lakes, forest, and hikes just around the corner.

But sometimes, we found the RV camp we thought we’d reserved was really more of a trailer park. Staying in different kinds of neighborhoods sparked new conversation for our family, and helped develop a new level of understanding for the diversity that makes up our incredible country.

Home is where we rest, whatever it looks like and wherever we live.

The differing architecture in different places and climates opened up new conversation. What is the purpose of peaked roofs? How much energy does a solar panel provide?

New Mexico. Little precipitation = flat roofs

This has been the adventure of a lifetime. While we’re turning back a week earlier than planned, we are grateful for every minute we’ve had out here!