Once again, our #mobilebiosphere must exercise agility and pivot. Laini’s school computer stopped functioning and she would like to head back to WA. As parents, we feel so blessed that she’s highly self-motivated and cares deeply about her school work.

So, after a family meeting, we decided to skip TX and head to AZ on our way back up North. I’m grateful our family had defined the family meeting ritual, which allowed her the ability to hold a family meeting. See, Laini knows we’re having a great time out here, but she wanted to raise a request that’s important to her. That’s where family rules play an important role in our communication. We all know we can call a family meeting at any time, and that the other two will listen and engage 100%.

On establishing effective meetings – at work and at home

After our meeting, we re-routed (yet again!) and should be back in WA mid-next week. We’ll continue to post the next few days, though much of the time will be on the road.

In the meantime, we have really enjoyed Santa Fe! The warm sun, brisk winds, and a particularly whimsical RV camp that features cacti and metal artwork in equal parts.

Santa Fe Skies RV Camp – one of the shareholders has populated the grounds with art

A house just outside the RV camp

Thanks for following us and sharing this adventure. It’s been one of a lifetime!

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