Last week, we got a call… a four-year old boy needs a place to stay. He’s got hydrocephalus, just like Teo. But he seems to have been rescued far later than Teo was (for photos of Teo, check out our photo album). Within two days of the call, Minki was on his way to pick Wayne up (I was in Beijing, headed back and excited to meet him!) So please meet Wayne, our new Spare Room kid.

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | Minki picks up Wayne

We don’t know much about Wayne or his background. Just that he’s got a killer side eye + smirk combo. His giggle is infectious and his oversized, heavy head is completely flat in the back (too much time lying prone in his earlier years?)

He also has very little muscle tone. So, we started working on that right away.

There are lots of fun ways to get moving!

We have engage the senses, while giving him a sense of accomplishment by moving something sparkly all by himself.

Well, if he’s starting working the guns, we need to get his legs moving, too.

The little guy needs some threads, too.

We do have 1-2 button downs that fit over his head, but t-shirts are softer and that stretched out neckline is never gonna get the girls. So this weekend, we’ll do some altering.

More to come! We’ll add a Wayne photo album here, and update with new photos weekly.